FIRST robotics is a competitive robotics organization for students from K-12. I have been a part of it since I was four years old. I am a part of FRC team East Cobb Robotics. We have approx. 6 weeks to design, CAD, build, program, drive, and test our 125lb robots.

Our robot Artemis from this year
Artemis climbing level 3 platform

FIRST is not just about the robots. We organize and participate in local outreach events. We hold Arduino camps for kids teaching them about basic electronics and programming.

My favorite part of FIRST is Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition, meaning that everything is collaborative. Teams work together to be the best they can be; you want to win, but you want to win at the other teams best.

I am honored to say that I have won the FIRST Dean’s List award, this award is given to students who show true passion, leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship, and dedication. 10 students win this award annually out of thousands of nominees. I have participated in every one of FIRST’s four programs, and I am currently my FRC teams Outreach and Awards lead. I will continue to volunteer and mentor when I graduate high school.

Me with FIRST’s founder Dean Kamen