History of the Pachinko Machine

The pachinko machine was a popular gambling machine in Japan from the early 30s to the late 70s. People would test their luck in pachinko parlors with rows and rows machines. The machine itself is almost completely mechanical with some electrical add-ons.

front of machine
mechanical system

The first step was to get the “jackpot” mechanism working. From there I worked on cleaning the machine and creating replacement stickers.

old sticker
new sticker: made with vinyl cutter
cleaned front of machine

The next step was to get the lights and “sensors” working. When testing continuity, I found that the fuse holder itself had rusted/corroded. I replaced the fuse as well as fuse holder, replacing fuse holder, as well as stripping and soldering wires.


The final step is to create a wooden border around it so that it can hang up and be played! …coming soon!